Skin is a very tempermental organ.  It takes more just the application of cleansers, toners, and moiturizers to make it healthy but it take a more holistic approach that includes exercise, good nutrition and just as important, emotional well-being.  Your emotions, thoughts and beliefs can have a significant impact on the quality of your skin.  For example, let's take acne. Research has confirmed that stress can aggravate those that are prone to acne.  Cortisol, the stress hormone is responsible for triggering the adrenal gland to produce more oil. Androgens, male hormones, increases and a higher levels of androgen is produced under stress.  Women tend to produce a larger percentage of their androgens in the adreanal gland than men and this may explain why women tend to get more acne than men when under stress.   Worry can cause an unexpected flare-up at the most unopportune time.  As in the case of aging,  stress can cause line and wrinkles, tired and sallow skin.  The skin is a tell-tale sign of our emotions.  Your skin, in fact, leads an emotional life of its own filled with the feelings you've avoided to protect yourself against pain.  Your skin can not talk in words but its' emotional language may consist of an outbreak of acne, eczema, rash, roscea, and aging skin. I know that I am stepping out on a limb but this is the social worker in me talking and not the esthetician, stress must be managed in order for any skincare treatment can be the most effective. Although stress is inevitable in everyone's life, there are ways that it can be managed such as exercise, yoga, mediation, guided imagery and maybe mental health counseling.

There is a new field of dermatology that is on the rise called Psychodermatolgy.  Psychodermatology links the connection between dermatology and psychiatry.  Not only am I an esthetician, but I am also a certified social worker with over 15 years of clinical experience.  Therefore I have seen how stress can affect our emotional and physical well-being.


The skin needs the proper nutrition in order to acheive perfection.  Nature provides us with a variety of fruit and plant foods that promote a beatiful complexion.  Therefore, eating foods as natural and  as close to nature as possible is vital to acheiving and maintaining healthy skin.  The saying, "You Are What You Eat" is not just a saying but it is true.  The foods that you eat is another way to help to fight the outward signs of disease and aging.  Processed foods are loaded with salts, sugar, and presevatives.  For some people, certain processed food causes an allegic reaction.  Fresh fruits and vegetables have antioxidants that fight free radicals and prolong longetivity.  Essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6, promote that smooth, moist, and blemish free complexion that everyone longs for. 

Skin care should and must be treated with a holistic perspective in mind.  As an esthetician it is my responsibility to educate you on the best product for your skin and how to take care of your skin from the inside out and the outside in and to provide evidence-based skin care products that can acheive the results that you want.  However, I would not be as effective if I did not educate you on the importance of seeking more balance in your life and ways to enhance metal and spiritual well-being.

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